Final Stage: Christopher Bethell

Not much has changed since my last blog. Since my source is the street, there is always fresh material to shoot so problems are rare to encounter.

Christopher Bethell
I found out some great news though – this project has won third place in Fotoura’s International Street Photography (student section) award! This means that it will be a part of their exhibition at the ICN Space in Shoreditch from the 18th – 28th of April! Please check it out if you are in the area.

Christopher Bethell

The book is to accompany the work is coming on well – i am currently in the process of sequencing the images with the work of Alison Vaughan (creative writer) and Tom Poynter (Illustrator). Both of their work is looking incredible, although at this time i can’t share any of it as it’s hush, hush!

Christopher Bethell

To accompany the work, i have also produced a small, interactive book which contains 50 of my photographs to which i want the gallery visitors to tell me the stories they see. The book is laid out so that it has space for people to write next to the photographs their interpretations. In addition to this, i have also started work on a Slideluck style slideshow with which to promote the work. A preview of this can be seen here.

Christopher Bethell


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