Final Stage: Elina Chauveaux

Since starting this project I have been plagued by doubts as to how to take the project into the most effective metaphorical exploration of the issues I have set to deal with: memories, guilt, secrets,the weight of religion, the past and the identities hidden behind the old veils of secrecy…

Aware that choosing the best location is paramount, I knew my selection of a cramped white walled cellar was valid but I really struggled with what to include in the picture. Things seemed somewhat overstated or totally lacking in composition or actual content.
Elina Chauveaux

Elina Chauveaux
I then had a mental block as to how to further progress- it was a very frustrating time, and it felt rather unproductive but I guess I just needed to step back, reflect and accept it.
So after a while, I went back to the board, and took more pictures in the same cellar; this time, using less symbols, then using different angles

Elina Chauveaux

and then progressively subtracting nearly all of the symbols to only keep the essence of the concept.

Elina Chauveaux
This last picture is the purest visual result I could achieve in that cellar.
The omnipresent white will contrast very strongly with the first image of the red apple in the cemetery (see previous blog post) and the shadow of the cross will link both photographs in terms of content- the overbearing cross reflecting on the sheet that covers God knows what…

See previous post by Elina Chauveaux.

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