In Progress: Jenn Brookes

My blog post has resulted from a journey of imagery from my recent shoots.

First a snippet of my statement:

I am looking at environments and how they make us who we are today, coinciding with the Look13 festival theme questioning identity.

‘Could something in a previous environment, if removed, have made us a different person? Something from our childhood mental development…

How do we fit in these places we create for ourselves, especially in the context modern living, in cities, rather than towns?’

My journey of inspiration starts with a Pinterest board I created (you can also follow me on instagram with the hashtag  #environments )

Since this initial statement, I have been working on my content, showing how the environment can shape who we are.

It started with ‘outside’ environments:

First digital shoot

Using the medium of film, I began to look at how I can use this in the development process and physically affect the film to represent more so of what I am trying to say…

2-damaged by environment

3 damaged with freezing

4- damaged with freezing

After coming across the work of David Ellison and prompted by an image (below) found by another blogger, I was inspired to bring my strongest elements of taking photographs together, adding a connection to the theme of identity.

Inspired image, not my own work

So began a series of self portraits to coincide with my ‘environmental’ photographs…

Self portrait

Self portrait

I am currently finalising ‘damaging’ films and bringing together self portraits, looking at the home environment as well. I believe that together my images create something of beauty. Presenting them in pairs adds different meanings to those they have when standing alone.

I would  like to know your thoughts – please follow my personal blog DoItForFrancesca.

Thanks for reading!


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