In Progress: Elina Chauveaux

Secrets and sins are the themes I am looking at through visual exploration.

The project started with the discovery of a family secret and has become about the tensions between desire and reality as it is imposed on us; religion, fear, guilt… And overall, the memories attached to identity.
So far, I am satisfied with one image:

Elina Chauveaux
The themes treated in this picture are distinctively powerful: death, the original sin, chains and surrounding it all, religion.

Another picture in the making is to be taken in a cellar, which I believe clearly represents the secret identity, the subconscious and the history and all the memories attached to it.

Elina Chauveaux
I should have a much better lit version of it as soon as I can get to the cellar, with a more balanced composition.

The third picture I intend to show includes a tree, ideally an apple tree, but it is very much weather and season dependent.
The tree should be accompanied by myself in the frame, and the concept is about the roots lying underneath, the links to the past and the living that grows.

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