In Progress: Sabrina Fuller

My fiction is a highly subjective re-creation of a younger me – acted out by the side of the river Thames, where I used to spend a lot of time. Here’s how I’m making the work:

  • Susan and I go down to the river for another shoot. She stands around without complaint in the freezing cold, dressed in a selection from my wardrobe, while I set up the picture. We work in companionable silence, steadfastly ignoring the curious looks from joggers and dog-walkers.
  • We’ve had our near disasters and disasters. The worst was before Christmas when Susan went over in the mud on a slipway and fractured her arm. I was mortified, but as soon as it was all healed up she was back working with me.
  • The river itself seldom disappoints. The light shifts from one moment to another as the sun rises and I gasp with delight. I’m trying to do justice to the light at least but can never reproduce the ducks’ splash-landings, the lap of oars in the water or the creak of swans’ wings beating in improbably flight.
  • Every so often it all comes together: the light, the angle, Susan’s pose, her outfit, the distance. And suddenly the younger me materialises – plucky, nervous, unhappy, bathing herself in the healing beauty of the river.

Sabrina Fuller


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