Jennifer Brookes

Jennifer Brookes is a painter and photographer. A graduate in Fine Art, her practice is now primarily camera-based, using a variety of experimental techniques for making pictures with deliberately damaged film. Jenn presented a solo exhibition at The Angel centre in Salford in 2012 and has also exhibited at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Manchester. Her work was featured alongside an interview in the January 2012 issue of online magazine Fascinating Photography.

Jenn has collaborated with art writer Hayley Flynn to produce a booklet for Sounds of the Other City music festival in Salford. She runs an arts blog Do It For Francesca and has a well-followed twitter presence at @stripeyflowers. She also runs IN Camera Arts – a Manchester-based experimental photography group.


Jenn Brookes


(A set of) surrounding conditions, especially those influencing development or growth.

Emotionally or physically our environments affect us. The people in them, the very things we provide for ourselves, to the weather, influence how we feel and what we choose to see. I want to try to understand and question this relationship with the film camera,my body and the viewer with our surroundings.
I propose to create images ‘affected’ by the environment around us and re-create/generate fictional environments,questioning the viewer about there own living and identity.



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