Elina Chauveaux

After completing a Documentary and Fine Art Photography degree, Elina Chauveaux has continued exploring everyday life events throughout her career, both in France and in the UK. She exhibited at the Cornerhouse art gallery in Manchester in 2007, in the group exhibition Traces, and has since taken an active role in community workshops and undertaken private commissions and documentary projects.


Voice Regained

Elina Chauveaux2

Elina uncovered a secret. She discovered an official document, hidden for 65 years at her grandmother’s house. Her grandmother’s first child, fathered by a Black American GI in 1947, born and dead within a year, was unknown to the rest of the family. The discovery, made shortly before her grandmother passed away, has raised questions for Elina. What does the revelation say, about someone she thought she knew so well? Elina’s work explores the human drama that was concealed for so long with this hidden secret. Creating an informed fiction around the resulting mysterious figure, Elina represents/re-invents her own grandmother, via her own imagination and persona, exploring through this relationship questions of religion, myth, values and desire.

Elina Chauveaux